Pittsboro Recovery Dharma is a resource for people in addiction recovery who want to deepen their meditation practice and understanding of Buddhism.

You will find information here about Recovery Dharma, links to the RD book, as well as other recovery resources. The main purpose of this website, however, is to provide resources for those interested in additional aspects of Buddhist practice which may help them on their recovery path.

The voice you hear in our recordings is Sheldon Clark. He is a long time, lay-ordained practitioner in the Zen tradition and teaches Buddhist practices and meditation in recovery settings.

Meditation Group

November 28th, 2021, was the final meeting of the meditation group.

Our meditation group practiced the contemplations of the Anapanasati Sutra (the Sutra on the Full Awareness of Breathing).

Anapanasati is a breath based meditation which helps us to better understand our patterns of suffering, to relate to them from a position of non-attachment, and to allow them to pass.

The recordings below were made over a period of two years. Most contain a short dharma talk and a guided meditation. Together, they form a comprehensive set of instruction and practice in this form of meditation.

To read the Anapanasati sutra, link here.

For more offerings by Sheldon Clark, go to Buddhist Recovery Circle

Recordings of Previous Meetings

This is the last guided meditation of the Pittsboro Recovery Dharma Meditation Group. There is a short bit of conversation at the beginning, which is followed by a meditation covering all of the four groups of Anapanasati contemplations--those of the body, feelings, mind and objects of mind.

Audio Recording. 34 minutes

Audio Recording. 21 minutes

Audio Recording. 21 minutes

Audio Recording. 52 minutes

Audio Recording. 41 minutes

Audio Recording. 52 minutes

Audio Recording. 16 minutes

Audio Recording. 40 minutes

"What is it to neither cling to, nor push away what we encounter in life?"

Audio Recording. 43 minutes

Audio Recording. 10 minutes

Audio Recording. 8 minutes

Audio Recording. 35 minutes

Audio Recording. 33 minutes

Audio Recording. 19 minutes

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