Pittsboro Recovery Dharma started in 2016 as a Refuge Recovery group. We were blessed to have our meetings in the zendo, or meditation hall, of the North Carolina Zen Center. We never were much to follow the regular meeting format, though. Mostly our meetings consisted of either guided or quiet meditation, expressions of gratitude as a spiritual practice, and open discussion.

When the time came to choose, almost all of us in the group decided to change over to Recovery Dharma. We lost a few members during the change, and there were some hard feelings. Like a lot of other groups, our membership declined, and then the pandemic came. Because of concerns over Covid, we were no longer able to meet at the zen center. After some time, the group reemerged as an online sangha. Our group was dedicated to Anapanasati as a meditation practice for people in recovery.

Various conditions caused The Pittsboro Recovery Dharma Meditation Group to stop meeting in November, 2021.

The voice you hear in our recordings is Sheldon Clark. Sheldon is not an empowered teacher and has not received dharma transmission from his own teacher. He is a long time, lay-ordained practitioner in the Zen tradition, however, and he teaches Buddhist practices and meditation in recovery settings.